Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A messy begining

Jar Jar announced the task; we cleared the room, and were instantly ready to capture every thing that would happen during this challenge.

Preparing the room was not without it's ups and downs. First off Number 13 lost the key to the room, so we search high and low for the key, and eventually it turned up in the back pocket of his overalls (for some reason he had them on backwards, don't ask me why). Unfortunately this discovery came too late for Number 6 who has now bobbed for keys in paint cans for no reason.

With the door unlocked and the materials safely inside, we began to arrange everything. That is to say that everything was placed at equal distances away from everything else and the room resembled an Arts and Crafts shop on first inspection. It was when Number 2 pointed this out that the order was sent out and everyone started to move the nearest object a small distance in any direction. This resulted in the room looking like a very untidy Arts and Crafts shop, but it would have to do.

We folded the ladders and placed the finishing coat of quick dry paint on the walls, and started to file out of the room.

"... hassen setten up an art room. Wesa have clay..." Jar Jar was about to let the contestants in.

Number 9 in his rush to fix a small hole in the room had just picked up his can of orange paint (why we had orange paint in a white washed room I have no idea, perhaps Number 9 wanted a feature wall?) and was hurrying towards the door. Then he slipped on a piece of wet clay and fell down sending the paint splashing onto the wall in front of him.
He picked himself up, and hurriedly mopped up the spilt paint from the floor and hurried out the door.

But not before writing a quick message in the paint.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arrrr the Pirates life is the life for me... not

"Ahh Sir, we have a virus incoming!"

"Batten down the hatches meharties, their fire proof wall ar no match for the likes of our EMP cannon balls."

"Sir the virus has EMP cannon balls? How is a virus armed?"
"Uhhh that's no virus, that's a real pirate invasion!"

"Fire the EMP cannon balls; they'll be seeing the likes of Davy Jones soon."
"ARH Very Soon ARH"

The power was out, the cameras dead, and the emergency generator low on fuel. Things were not looking good.

"Start up that generator; I want to know of any cover breaches ASAP!"

"Breach is Sector 15E! Number 16 go and set up the illusion generator there and fix the breach."

"Breach in Sector 16B, 9A, 5F, 14A..."

"Sir we're down to our last illusion generator and another breach has occurred in 15C!"
"Ok Number.... ohh fine I'll go!"

Into the service ducts I crawled, through walls, under bathrooms, and around air vents the path lead, until I came upon a collapsed ceiling and had to resort to taking the air vent running parallel. This was all good, I made my way to Sector 15C. And then I felt the air conditioning unit kick into action.

"Hey Sir, we've managed to fix the air conditioning!"
"Turn it off!! I'm in the air vents!"
Debris flew past me as the wind became so strong that I may as well been scaling it vertically.
"What was that Sir, I couldn't hear it for all the wind in the background?"
I pulled the com-link up to my mouth and covering it as much as possible yelled at the technician to turn the air conditioning off.

It must have worked because the wind ceased (latter I found out it was because the unit had become clogged when the debris entered the fan.

I reached 15C and peeped around the edge of the hole in the wall, and was hit square in the face by a DVD.

I got the hole fixed and returned to the control room without as many problems as getting there.

"Sir, you look like you've been in a hurricane?"
"Don't ask!"
"As you wish, but you may want to know that the pirates are gone."
"Thanks or that information, now I'm going to get this dust out of my skin."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Behind the Scenes

Hey, and welcome to this behind the scenes peak of reality shows screened on the Holonet.

First up is Big Brother Naboo.